Enabling customers to focus on business development by delivering comprehensive technical consulting solutions.


Since 2011 Tait Ventures has been providing software consulting services globally to organisations of all sizes - from start-up to publicly listed - in a diverse range of industries - including financial services, energy, commerce, mining and defence amongst others.

We combine technical acumen with a human touch and diverse skillset to create a personal service that delivers. For our clients this means we are able to work as part of the team, representing you and enabling other stakeholders to focus on what they do best.

Tait Ventures is experienced in architecting and developing complex globally distributed systems, advanced data manipulation procedures and algorithms. Past projects include a global research platform for a Japanese investment bank, an FX project for a German investment Bank, a portal for investments in Africa, a computational platform for carbon accounting.

Recent works include developing 3D Virtual World environments in which real world scenarios are played out in multi-user 3D worlds with participants experiencing devastating situations forcing them into making instant life or death decisions with realistic ramifications.


This is a highlight of the type of services we typically offer, if you have specific needs we will put together a team of experts in their respective fields to deliver on exactly the skillset you need.
  • Techical Consulting
  • Software & System Architecture Design
  • Data Mining & Analytics
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management
  • System Review
  • Specialities
  • 3D Games & Applications
  • Real-Time Data & Co mmunication
  • Web, Service, Desktop & Mobile Platforms
  • Data Mining & Analysis

You can get in touch with us by emailing contact@taitventures.com